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Expertly designed itineraries and unparalleled service - trust our Japan specialists to plan your dream vacation.

Private Tour

Embark on a journey of a lifetime with our Japan private tours. Explore the beauty of Japan with a personal touch.

Personalised Design

Custom trip planning based on your interests and tastes, with expert advice and insider knowledge.

Creative Flexibility

Our team provides creative flexibility to craft personalized travel experiences for every client.

Private Tour Packages

 A private tour is a perfect solution if you want to travel on your terms in virtually any aspect of a tour, including the dates of travel, food preferences, room arrangements, and activities. Our private tour allows you to customize the perfect itinerary just for you.


How to order a private tour

1. Get your group together & decide when you want to go

2. Design your custom tour with our japan travel consultant

3. Make a Payment & let us handle the rest

A frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The tour price does not cover international flights. You should book these flights yourself. You can only check in to your hotel starting at 15:00.

A tour companion is someone who accompanies you on a trip or journey. They can be friends, family members, or even professionals hired to assist during the travel. The companion can help with various things such as preparing tickets, taking pictures, booking a restaurant, navigating unfamiliar places, translating from Japanese to your language, and even providing company and making the travel experience more enjoyable.

However, a tour companion may have less detailed information about regions, culture, and history outside of Tokyo, as they might not be local to that specific area. Hence, the service is cheaper.

A local tour guide is a person who leads visitors through a city, region, or country, providing information about the places and sights you visit. They usually have in-depth knowledge of the local history, culture, traditions, and attractions.

These guides are often residents of the area they are showing you, so they can provide unique insights and hidden gems that might be obscure to a tourist. They can answer your questions, suggest the best places to eat or shop, and help you understand and appreciate the site you visit much better.

We welcome payments through bank transfers or widely accepted credit cards like VISA, Mastercard, JCB, and AMERICAN EXPRESS. We also receive payment from Paypal.

  • Payment 1: 25 % of the price, at least 60 days before departure
  • Payment 2: 25 % of the price, at least 30 days before departure
  • Payment 3: 50 % of the price, at least on the first-day tour

No, because your comfort and privacy are important to us, we only offer private tours for your group. We don't mix different groups.

Yes, you can. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for details.

We can book high-quality, reputable apartments in Japan. However, we cannot reserve Airbnb accommodations for your safety and comfort during your journey.

Yes, you can. We can adjust our current tour plans to match what you like. This means we can add or remove some parts of the tour to make it fit your interests better. Changes could be things like:

  • Adding more days to the tour
  • Opting for public transport on certain days
  • Changing the hotel (Upgrade or Downgrade)
  • Removing some destination
  • Adding a new destination

Hi Mr. Wiwit and Mrs. Ririz, the trip has been completed. Everything went well. Thank you so much. Aline went above and beyond. We are very satisfied.

Peter Kurnia/USA

Riko, Wiwit, Anisah, Arderis, and Garry: Thank you so much for the Tour Japan. The drivers were also kind, and the Alphard was of good quality. We enjoyed our 10 days in Japan

Shantanu Gajanan/Indonesia